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Not all Vape Shops, e-Cigs & e-Liquids are created equal, find out why.  

At the Doghouse we are committed to making your e-cig shopping experience simple, safe and fun.  For 2020 we are recommending the advanced & user friendly G5-2200 Vape Starter Bundle, the G5 Plus Kit and EGO 2 Mega Kits.  

We are a family owned and operated U.S. based vapor / electronic cigarette original equipment manufacturer/OEM. We design, test and assemble each Kit and Bundle we sell and ship same or next business day Priority Mail from Naples, Florida, average domestic delivery time 1-3 days. 

The electronic cigarette market is exploding with new, more advanced products being introduced every day. Some of these advancements are awesome!  The G5, G5 Plus and EGO Mega are amazing and very user friendly. The EGO 2 Mega with it's poly tank is strong, durable and perfect for Vapors on the go.

Our Promise to you is to continue to test new products being introduced and bring you only the best of the best, pass the un-branded online savings on to you, our valued customer and provide service and support second to none in the industry. 

Chris & I are former 1.5 - 2 pack a day Marlboro light 100 smokers. That’s 3-4 packs a day, 7 days a week for 25 plus years.  We’ve done the math and it’s scary.  We still smoke, just a different kind of cigarette, cleaner, greener and a whole lot cheaper.  We’ve always been an active couple.  We met at Disney World in 1987, married shortly thereafter and moved from Orlando to “Naples, Florida” late 1987.  We've been in the “Yacht Services” business most of our married life as Captain & 1st Officer aboard mostly private motor yachts.  We've been blessed to travel as most can only dream and ironically our first full time gig was aboard the 76’ “Lazzara” motor yacht “Dreams”. 

Cigarette smoking was a constant issue while working and living aboard multimillion dollar vessels.  The judicious eyes and noses of owners and guests who were none or, even worse, ex-smokers was always a concern. What made transitioning from tobacco to e-cigarettes so easy for us was that we really didn’t quit smoking we just switched to something better. All of the motions are the same with the exception of lighting up, dumping the ash tray and running to the store to pick up another pack.  That part of the ritual is replaced with filling your atomizer or ClearOmizer with e-liquid from time to time and re-charging your batteries every day or two, not a bad trade off. 

e-Cigarettes have made an incredible difference in our lives.  The improved sense of smell and taste is unbelievable!  How nice it is to not smell like a butt around family and friends is a big plus.  The best part is, we still smoke or vape almost anywhere and anytime we want without having to worry about second hand smoke, chemicals, carcinogens and smoking bans. 

As e-Cig technology gets better and better with simple, reliable gear like the 32 hour 510-1100mA battery and the 2mil CE5 ClearOmizer, the Government says it’s making your cigarettes safer with FSC chemicals to make your cigarette fire safe. Check this link "FSC, Fire Safe Cigarette"; you’ll love it. 

With the right equipment & eLiquid the switch from analogs to e Cigs is effortless.  You owe it to yourself, your family and friends to give this new technology an honest try with the right gear. There is a ton of antiquated equipment out there the Big Dogs are selling for Big Bucks, don’t get caught up in the hype!  Simplicity, reliability and satisfaction is what we’re all about. 

Good luck and all the best! Go Vapordogs! 

Chris & I have 4 kids, this is Biscuit our youngest, he’s an American Dingo, and his web site will be up soon.  If he makes you smile half as much as he does us, your day will be a little brighter. 


All e-cigarettes, accessories and e liquids sold on this site are sold as recreational tobacco alternative products, not for smoking cessation or to quit smoking.  You must be of legal smoking age to purchase products from this website.  Electronic cigarettes are not intended for use by non smokers.  Persons suffering from pre-existing lung disease or serious medical conditions resulting from smoking should not use an e-cigarette except with the advice of their doctor. If you have emphysema or pneumonia or bronchitis or suspect that you might, DO NOT USE an e-cigarette and you must stop any further inhalation of any materials not prescribed by your doctor.


PLEASE BE ADVISED WE ARE NOT!  Direct located in Naples, Fl
As the electronic cigarette industry grows, so does the number of Scam sites!  For a list of well known Scammers or before you order a FREE TRIAL KIT that WILL NOT BE FREE please contact us @ or call customer support @ 239-404-4118 10:00AM-10:00PM EST Monday - Saturday

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