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We've gathered together a few of the most “frequently asked questions” from regulars and guests of our site.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at

Can I save money smoking electronic cigarettes?
Let’s look at two scenarios, using $5.00 a pack as an average:

One Pack a day is $150.00 per month, $1800.00 per year

Two packs a day    $300.00 per month, $3600.00 per year 

We recommend a Vapordogs (CE5-1100mA Economy or Starter Bundle and a 30 mil jug of juice) to start your "e-cigarette transition".   Having everything you need plus backup to "e-smoke" is very important.  One of the pit falls mentioned in the Getting Started section of our web site, is running out of e-liquid, battery power or losing your stick completely.  Lost or damaged equipment, batteries and atomizers wearing out is inevitable, these devices do not last forever.  “E-smoking” has not reached the convenience level of tobacco cigarettes yet, so in order to succeed, you need to be prepared for the inevitable. 

If you were smoking a pack a day and ordered one of the recommended starter Kits you've saved over $86.00 or $61.00 your first month, more than $235.00 for the 2 pack crowd.

By your 2nd month you’ll have a pretty good idea of how much e-liquid you’re going to need.  More than likely if you were a 1-2 pack a day smoker you’ll need 1-2 ounces, 30-60 mils per month.  Let’s use 2 ounces, 60 mils as your monthly e-Liquid order, your savings $112.00-$262.00 per month.  

Chris and I spend on average $75.00 per month on e-liquid for the two of us.  Compared to the old habit, there's no comparison.  

Only you know how much money you really spend on tobacco cigarettes, do the math and save.  Most of all do it for YOU!              

Who uses e-cigarettes and why?
Most e-cigarette smokers are or were tobacco smokers.  Because the e-cig delivers nicotine to the body and produces vapor which can be inhaled, it provides similar tactile and physical sensations to those commonly associated with tobacco smoking.  This is why the e- cigarette is often used as an alternative to tobacco smoking by those who enjoy smoking.

Do e-cigarettes feel and taste like tobacco cigarettes?
Honestly, No, unlike tobacco smoke, there is virtually no smell from the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette and because they're made of metal and plastic, they feel a little heavier.

There are a wide variety of interesting e-liquid flavors which most "e-smokers" seem to enjoy but I think the majority would agree that tobacco flavored e liquid doesn't taste the same as burning tobacco and paper.

On the other hand an electronic cigarette can satisfy your nicotine and smoking desires quite nicely.  The “vapor” can deliver a throat hit very similar to that of a tobacco cigarette but again has no odor and when exhaled as harmless water vapor.

Is e-smoking safe?
The first electronic cigarette appeared on the market in China in 2006, so e-cig technology is relatively new.  Currently, because of the lack of clinical testing and knowledge about the long-term effects of inhaling the Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin found in most e liquids, it is not legal to suggest that the use of e -cigarettes is safer than tobacco cigarettes.

So until trials have been completed and evidence provided to satisfy the necessary government bodies, the use of  PG liquid along with that of nicotine, remain subject to much debate.

We therefore recommend that you decide for yourself the relative safety of continuing to inhale the many known carcinogens and chemicals present in tobacco cigarette smoke against inhaling the medical-grade PG in e-liquid.  It is worth noting, that propylene glycol is used in tobacco cigarettes and Not known to be carcinogenic also a PG blend is the liquid used in most bowling alley and theater fog machines.  Please see the article regarding: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH ) was asked by the Actors' Equity Association and the League of American Theaters and Producers to investigate the possible health effects of theatrical "smoke" on Broadway.  Find this article and more at the bottom of our Home Page under Recent News.

Who should NOT use the e-cigarette?
Anyone not of legal smoking age, pregnant or breast-feeding women or sufferers from any of the following conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • A weak or impaired immune system
  • An allergy to nicotine or products which contain nicotine

Are e-cigarettes and personal vaporizes the same thing?
Yes, besides personal vaporizer the name and spelling variations for electronic cigarettes include ecig, e-cigarette, e cigarette and more. E-cigars and e-pipes are part of the same family too.

Are all e-cigarettes the same?
No, but there are 3 basic models upon which the majority of e cigarettes are based - the Pen style, Mini and Super Mini.  The Mini and Super Mini are closest to tobacco cigarette size. In 2012 & 2013 manufactures started to perfect what most call the ClearOmizer. Many models and variations were manufactured throughout the development process and we tested over a dozen different models, none past our test trials until our favorite manufacture sent us some CE4s and then CE5s for testing. Please read the customer reviews on these products they speak for themselves.    


What is an e-cigarette cartridge?
E-cigarette cartridges are usually purchased pre-filled with e liquid, the flavored liquid-nicotine solution that provides the physiological satisfaction. 

Pre filled cartomizers or Refillable e-liquid cartridges?
Many people prefer to purchase bottled e-liquid for refilling their cartridges, CE4s and CE5 atomizers.  It's not difficult and makes available dozens of flavors. carries tried and tested e-liquid flavors most desirable to experienced e-smokers and beginners alike.  Cartomizers are designed to be a single use atomizer and cartridge as one piece we have tested several and not found them to be a pratical long term alternitive to refillable cartridges or CE5s.     

Does an e-cigarette get hot?
They can get quite warm if your using a manual battery.  Automatic batteries have a timer that shuts off the battery after a 4-5 second draw.  Some manual batteries do not have this feature, otherwise e-cigs do not burn tobacco, have a flame or produce smoke. They do however, produce a cloud of vapor very similar to a cigarette when exhaled, without the smell.  

Go Vapordogs!

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All e-cigarettes, accessories and e liquids sold on this site are sold as recreational tobacco alternative products, not for smoking cessation or to quit smoking.  You must be of legal smoking age to purchase products from this website.  Electronic cigarettes are not intended for use by non smokers.  Persons suffering from pre-existing lung disease or serious medical conditions resulting from smoking should not use an e-cigarette except with the advice of their doctor. If you have emphysema or pneumonia or bronchitis or suspect that you might, DO NOT USE an e-cigarette and you must stop any further inhalation of any materials not prescribed by your doctor.

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