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How To Use Electronic Cigarette-E Cigarettes, How To Fill E-Liquid

 How To Use Electronic-Cigarette-E-Cigarettes,  Users Guide & Instruction Manual:   

Updated 3/7/2014

CE5 & T3-Pro Tank-1100mA Starter Pro Kits Atomizer/ClearOmizers Notes and Break-in:  

How to check and fill your CE5-Pro Tank atomizer:

Unscrew the mouth piece and diamond plate base from the tank, pull the base, intake pipe and coil assembly out of the tank and check to make sure the coil & wick are screwed into the intake pipe securely. This is how you will replace your coil & wick as well when needed.  A loose connection at the coil and intake pipe will cause your battery button to blink and the coil will not fire up. Screw the base and coil back into the tank and snug it down tight.  Hold the tank upright at about a 20 degree angle and slowly fill down the side of the tank to the top fill line.  Take care to not get liquid down the intake pipe it will run straight through and spill out of the bottom. Carefully screw the mouth piece back on, be careful not to cross thread it and just snug it down on to the seal on the top of the coil.

Checking and filling a T3 Pro Tank is similar except you fill from the bottom, do not try to remove the mouth piece from a T3 bottom coil atomizer, you’ll destroy it. To check the coil and fill simply hold the tank upside down, diamond plate base up and unscrew the base.  Check to make sure the coil is securely screwed into the base.  Fill the tank down the side, again try to avoid getting liquid down the intake pipe, fill to just below the top of the intake pipe and screw the coil and base into the tank. Just snug the coil & base to the tank intake pipe after filling. The nylon cap on top of the coil is your seal over tightening will crush the seal and may cause future leaking.    

We recommend 2-3 primer draws without inhaling to prime the coil and allow the wicks to absorb your e-liquid.  This will also get you into the practice of drawing into your mouth before inhaling. With any model e Cig this is our recommended draw.  Pulling straight in, like breathing through a straw will most likely make you cough.  A similar cough to your smokers cough is normal when you start vaping as your lungs start to clear so will the cough in most cases. 

Good Luck! Go Vapordogs!! 

The Classics Joye 510 & DSE 901: Mini Electronic Cigarettes, Getting Started:
When you receive your e-cig, you'll want to set it up properly for best performance.  If this is your first e-cig and your batteries have not been pre-charged by us, get your batteries charging and when you have a few minutes sit down and read this users guide.

510, 901 and most electronic cigarette batteries are lithium ion. The initial charging cycle is very important. It is Vapordogs practice to pre charge batteries per manufactures specs prior to shipping. A note on your packing slip will confirm pre charge.  Most chargers have advanced to USB connections at this point and are very simple to use. Take care not to cross thread when you screw the battery into the charger and the light should turn red.  The light may stay green but continue to charge 8 hours per battery for the first charging cycle; eGo batteries have additional charging recommendations, please read the OEM instructions that come with your kit.  Battery power is everything when you’re e-smokin!  If you don't have a USB port in your car we suggest you purchase a car lighter  USB charger adapter.

Optional: hot water rinse and blow out your atomizers.  Most atomizers come from the factory with a primer fluid to keep the coil moist.  The taste of the primer liquid can be less than desirable and can affect the performance.  Simply rinse under hot water from both ends and blow out the water from the open end / the barrel of the atomizer, try to blow the water through the barrel like a whistle, rinse and blow out 3-4 times.  The water temperature should only be as hot as you are comfortable with, shower temp is fine.  With manual batteries you can quick dry using the Highping method described below or use a blow dryer and let dry overnight.  With Automatic batteries kits use a blow dryer and let dry overnight.    

NOTE: After a dry burn the atomizer wick and coil will be dry, drip 2 or 3 drops of your favorite e liquid onto the atty coil and when you’re ready to use it take a few puffs to prime the coil, 3-4 puffs is usually good.  Dripping liquid onto the atty coil is a practice used by a lot of vapors.  When I top off my liquid cartridge I usually drip a drop or two onto the coil.  The practice is called dripping and does require atomizer cleaning more often.  

Note: Keep your cart filler wet, add a few drops of juice regularly to keep the flavor up and atty coil moist.  If you detect a burnt taste, top off your cart! Remember, that this is NOT a tobacco cigarette.  You don't draw on it as you would a cigarette.  You want to take it easy on the pull, draw long and slow, pull the vapor into your mouth before you inhale.

The cartridge that may come on the atomizer or atomizers in your kit is blank, No Filler.  All kits come with 5 or more pre filled carts.  The e-liquid that comes in a pre filled cartridge is usually a generic tobacco.  The flavor of the cart can be changed by setting the cartridge filler end down on a napkin or paper towel, let it sit 5 -10 minutes, then drop your favorite flavor e-liquid into the cart as the filler will absorb it. 

When you wake up, use some mouth wash or brush your teeth first thing, pick up your e-cig instead of the other and vape away.  I used my trusty old ash tray as a holder.  Make sure you have something to drink.  Pull the vapor into your mouth before you inhale.  Let the nicotine soak in, those Nicotine Receptors in your brain will never know what hit them!  We recommend Vapordogs 36mg e-liquid to start, for anyone smoking a pack a day or more.  A spare 24mg bottle isn’t a bad idea ether, the 36mg maybe too strong for some.   

E-Cigarette Components:

The atomizer (atty) is a heating element that heats up the liquid and turns it into vapor.  One end screws into the battery and the other end fits the cartridge/cart.  There is a metal mesh coil which draws in the liquid from the cartridge to the wick and turns it into vapor, which is then drawn back through the cart vent or vents to the mouthpiece.  A fresh, well performing atomizer is the key to satisfactory vapor production.  Please read the section on atomizer cleaning below.  (The Highping Method)

Note: 901 users, the 901 atomizers are vented with a small hole at the bottom of the atty, just above the battery switch.  Be careful not to cover this hole with your fingers.  

Atomizers, like all electronics, do not last forever, in our experience 30-60 days if properly maintained.  You may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve performance with occasional cleaning.  There are many tried and un-proven methods for cleaning, some more successful than others. Most agree that occasionally blowing out the atomizer through the barrel/ the open end is a safe practice, as the liquid tends to build up in the atomizer.

Some signs that your atomizers may need cleaning are:
Reduced vapor production - Try topping off your cartridge first.
Hard or difficult draw - Try blowing out the atomizer from the open cartridge end - the barrel.
Burnt or harsh taste - Try topping off your cartridge first.

Atomizer Cleaning: The Highping Method:  This is an unedited post from Highping.  This method works really well with devices that have manual batteries or with a pass through! 

Thanks Highping!!!

This is the only method I use, and I have attys that are 4-5 months old and still going strong. One in particular, I have vaped well over 300ml through and it hits like the day (after) I got it.

1. Blow out any excess juice.
2. Rinse with hot water and blow out thoroughly.  No need to dry over night, or anything. They have a built in dryer.
3. Connect to a charged battery or pass through.
4. Push button until you see orange hot...carefully...not super bright (white hot).
5. Let off button and blow down the barrel (from a distance, not with your mouth actually on it), this kind of flash cools it and also gets some of the moist air out to speed the drying process.
6. Repeat (steps 4 and 5) 5-10 times... you will see that gradually (once you've got it dry) the glow will occur much quicker.
7. Once you have it to this point, press and release the button at a rate that just holds the orange glow (kind of a manual 'pulse width modulate'). Keep this glow going for 20-30 seconds, being very careful to maintain the glow at low orange (not bright red/white) or you'll pop it.
8. Once you have done that, repeat steps 2-7 one more time.

At this point you will have an atty that performs like (or better than) brand new. I have used this technique with 510, 801 and 901 attys and it always works for me. I like this method because it is quick and simple. No need for any cleaners or overnight soaking. Takes 2-3 minutes and you're back in business.

You do have to use some caution, as you can pop an atty pretty easily until you have the method down. I haven't popped one in quite some time though.

Also, no need to remove the wick (that's in there for a reason), as you are baking all the gunk out when you do this. This is the reason for the second rinse in the middle of the process. You basically turn the gunk to ash with the sustained orange glow, and then rinse the ash out. 

Edit: (some tips on the "rinse, dry and burn" stages of the process) 

Tips on the 'rinse' stage (step 2) 
Step 2 is meant to get as much juice out of the atty as possible. The more juice you can get out with the water rinse, the faster you will get the atty dry in steps 4&5. (The water will evaporate off much quicker than juice.) 
- Rinse by just running hot water from the tap first. Then once you have it somewhat clean, fill the atty barrel with water then (before all the water runs out), put it in your lips and blow the water through really hard. This will give all the nickel foam that's in the atty  a kind of "power wash" and get most of any remaining juice out. 

Tips on the 'dry' stage (steps 4 & 5):
Steps 4 and 5 are meant to get the atty 'bone dry', before you move on to step 6 and the button pulsing.
-The more water you can blow out before connecting to the batt, the better. Blow through the atty really hard from both ends (not at the same time) 
- You can also blow gently down the barrel (from a distance), while holding the button in step 4 to speed the drying process. This will clear the hot moist air out of the atty and allow for a quicker drying time. The key in these steps is to get the atty dried out. 

Component Basics:

With the introduction of 1100mAH batteries and even more powerful and compact batteries being tested, some of this is not as important as it use to be.  The Key to transitioning from tobacco to e-cigarettes is power and a clean atty.  If you run out of battery power while you’re out and about you’re screwed. Most chargers these days are USB powered and can be plugged into your cars USB port or cigarette lighter port with a USB adapter found in the Parts & Accessories section.   An extended 8-10 blinking of your battery LED means it needs to be charged, 4-5 blinks means you’re over heating the atomizer.       

Automatic Batteries: 
The automatic battery has a switch built into it that activates by the air that rushes through it when you draw on the mouth piece.  They're great for hands-free use, however, they are very sensitive and are known to activate with light impact. This may cause it to turn on while in a pocket or purse.  Automatic batteries also have an automatic shutoff built in that frustrates some users who want a longer, deeper draw. Automatic batteries have a hole in them to allow air flow for the switch; consequently, it is recommended that caution be used to not overfill the cartridge because e-liquid can get into the battery and switch.

When using an automatic battery, it is recommended you take a "primer puff" before you draw, to pre-heat the atomizer for optimal vapor production. This is taking a short puff, followed by the actual draw.

Manual Batteries: 
The manual switch batteries are generally the more popular option with experienced Vapors because they allow more control over the draw.  

When using a manual battery; a "primer puff" is not needed but works quite nicely producing big vapor draws. Simply press the button before you begin your draw, then release when you’re done.

USB Pass-through: 
This accessory allows for direct power from the USB port on your computer or Car Adapter.  They also work great for dry burning your sluggish attys.

If you get a “gurgling” sound when you draw on your device, you have flooded the atomizer and/or the mouth piece "vapor chamber”.  This means that there is too much liquid in the atomizer for it to properly vaporize.  Remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge and blow out the excess liquid onto a paper towel from cartridge end also blow out the cartridge from the mouth piece. 

The cartridge on 3 piece e-cigs is more complex than it seems at first glance.  It is a combination of the mouthpiece, liquid chamber, vent system and vapor chamber. One end is open to the liquid chamber to add the filler material and liquid, the other end has another smaller chamber, which is closed off with a hole in the center.  This end can be round or have a whistle tip.  If you look closely, there are one or two vents on the sides of the liquid chamber going to the "vapor chamber".  This is how the vapor gets from the atomizer to the mouthpiece.  The vapor does not travel through the filler material; it travels around the liquid chamber into the mouthpiece.

The filler will eventually get gummy and affect the taste, vapor production and draw.  Clean by soaking the cart in hot water and let dry 24-48 hours before re-use.     

Some people new to e-smoking say that the flavors of the liquids are too faint or all taste the same give it some time.  After being off tobacco cigarettes for a few days, your taste buds will start to recover and the flavors will become more distinct.  After a while, you’ll start to notice all of the subtle tastes and smells you've been missing all of this time!  Switch up your flavors every 30mils or so for more taste.  

All e-cigarettes, accessories and e liquids sold on this site are sold as recreational tobacco alternative products, not for smoking cessation or to quit smoking.  You must be of legal smoking age to purchase products from this website.  Electronic cigarettes are not intended for use by non smokers.  Persons suffering from pre-existing lung disease or serious medical conditions resulting from smoking should not use an e-cigarette except with the advice of their doctor. If you have emphysema or pneumonia or bronchitis or suspect that you might, DO NOT USE an e-cigarette and you must stop any further inhalation of any materials not prescribed by your doctor.


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