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Best e-Liquid | e-Liquid Recommendations

Choosing the best e-Liquid is as important as choosing the right e-Cig. If you don't Like your e-Juice flavor and your nicotine craving is not satisfied, you’re going to light up a smoke. We strongly suggest you start with choosing a flavor and nicotine strength similar to what you smoke. These recommended flavors are proven winners when it comes to flavor, sensation and smoking satisfaction.

We suggest 24mg liquid for pack a day or less smokers and 36mg for pack a day plus, to get started. Body weight and the type of cigs your smoking, like super ultra lights are also factors, 36mg can be too strong for some smokers. If in doubt, go with the 24mg. or give us a call 239-404-4118. 

e-Liquid Recommendations and Reviews

If you smoke regular cigarettes, Marlboro, Camel, 305s etc. try.

1. Pack a Reds, Our top seller for years. Phillip Morris asked us to change from Marburl to something less similar.

2. RY6, Is a new flavor so similar to the real thing I did not like it at first because it tasted so much like a cigarette and I had been vaping fruit flavors for years, it's all I use now.

For menthol lovers, try.

1. Menthol Mint, our second highest seller for years and Chris' favorite for 5 years

2. Newport, also a new flavor with incredible menthol cigarette flavor and satisfaction. All Vapordogs e-liquids are made with Dow America pure PG/VG base, naturaly extracted nicotine and purified flavor essence, remember all e-liquids just like e-Cigs are not created equal. Only the best from Vapordogs.